November 29, 2009

Flying from Bangkok (BKK) to Siem Reap (REP)
Arriving at the surprisingly new and clean airport of Siem Reap


November 30, 2009

My own driver for the next days is heading for Angkor Wat
The ever-popular elephant riding
Me, the Bayon temple and heaps of Japanese tourists
One of the hundreds of faces of Bayon temple
Smiling face at Bayon temple
He was drawing incredibly fast
Proud lion protecting Bayon temple
A small hidden temple inside Angkor Thom
Yes, everything's a bit older around here
Angkor - my country, my beer ... I even bought a T-shirt
Angkor Thom is actually larger than Angkor Wat
Note the dollar bills - it's basically the only useful currency in Cambodia
You can climb almost all temples, including Ta Keo
Nature takes back its belongings
Yes, that's where Lara Croft and Indiana Jones strolled along
These lions can be found everywhere
East Baray, one of two huge man-made lakes of Angkor
Too bad I can't read it
Looking at Angkor Wat
Steps and stones can break your bones
Moon shines onto Phnom Bakheng

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Ta Prohm
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Incredibly loud cricket
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December 1, 2009

The less famous temples are less taken care of, too
Sea roses at Banteay Srei
Banteay Srei is a small temple
Astonishing ornaments are found all over Banteay Srei
Notice all the little details (Banteay Srei)
I'm 6 feet 2, way too tall for the doors at Banteay Srei
Farmer in the Angkor hinterland
Hidden inside the rainforest
A fig tree covers the temple
Escaping the heat at Neak Pean
Tree's roots crush the temple
She's preparing a efreshing pineapple for me
Siem Reap downtown

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December 2, 2009

Good morning at Angkor Wat
Endless ornaments of Angkor Wat
Telling the story of famous victories
The innermost part of Angkor Wat is closed
There are actually much, much more people here ... picture was taken during lunch time
Roluos temple, outside of Angkor
Guess what's in the whiskey bottles ? Gasoline !

Driving through Siem Reap
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